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22 Feb 2007

Presenting the SortableBindingList<T>

If you are databinding your custom objects (in a Bindinglist of ) to a DataGridView you will notice that the users can’t sort the rows by clicking on the columnheaders… Unlike an unbound DataGridView, the SortCompare event is not raised. Here is a class that uses IComparer to implement a BindingList that supports Sorting:

Please read the follow up article to find the updated source code.

Using this SortableBindingList is as easy as

public Form1()

	SortableBindingList<person> persons = new SortableBindingList<person>();
	persons.Add(new Person(1, "timvw", new DateTime(1980, 04, 30)));
	persons.Add(new Person(2, "John Doe", DateTime.Now));

	this.dataGridView1.AutoGenerateColumns = false;
	this.ColumnId.DataPropertyName = "Id";
	this.ColumnName.DataPropertyName = "Name";
	this.ColumnBirthday.DataPropertyName = "Birthday";
	this.dataGridView1.DataSource = persons;

the sortablebindinglist at work

Feel free to download the source and demoproject: SortableBindingList.zip.

Edit: You can find the latest implementation at BeTimvwFramework, a project where i will keep classes that i find interesting.