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20 Feb 2015

ConcurrencyCheck with EF/Devart on Oracle

Earlier this week I was wondering how I could easily achieve optimistic concurrency in a system using EF/Devart targetting an Oracle database (Not really my preferred technologies, but whatever:P). Here is a potential solution:

Using a column for optimistic concurrency is documented on the devart website:

public class Test : IRequireConcurrencyCheck  
	[ConcurrencyCheck] // TELL EF to use this column as our "timestamp/logical version"
	public virtual int Version { get; protected set; } // protected, so users of this type can not touch this (easily)

By introducing an interface that exposes a version number like below:

public interface IRequireConcurrencyCheck
	int Version { get; } 

With some custom behaviour on SaveChanges we can now take away the burden of having to update the Version property correctly:

public class DataContext : DbContext
	public DataContext(DbConnection existingConnection)  
		: base(existingConnection, true)    

	public override int SaveChanges()
		var = ChangeTracker        
			.Where(x => x.State == EntityState.Modified)	

		foreach (var entity in entitiesWhichHaveConcurrencyCheck)
			entity.Property<int>(x => x.Version).CurrentValue++;  

		return base.SaveChanges();

	public IDbSet<Test> Tests { get; set; }