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01 Oct 2016

Docker toolbox to the rescue

With the help of Docker Toolbox a lot of apps become easily available…

By default volumes can only be mapped on folders under the user home directory.

Here is how to enable mapping of the entire c-drive

# script to expose c-drive to docker vm and docker containers
# stop the docker vm
docker-machine stop default
# share your windows c-drive with the docker (host) vm
/c/Program\ Files/Oracle/VirtualBox/VBoxManage.exe sharedfolder add default --name C_DRIVE --hostpath c:/
# start the docker (host) vm
docker-machine start default
# mount the c-drive in the docker (host) vm
docker-machine ssh default 'sudo chown docker /var/lib/boot2docker/profile && echo mount -t vboxsf C_DRIVE /c >> /var/lib/boot2docker/profile'


Amazon ECS (EC2 Container Service) cli tools

docker run -i -t -v "//c/Users/timvw/.aws:/root/.aws" timvw/docker-aws

Jekyll (Yes, you can make it work on windows but why bother?)

docker run -i -t -v "//c/src/timvw.github.io:/opt/webiste" timvw/docker-jekyll
jekyll server --incremental --watch --force_polling