Tim Van Wassenhove

Passionate geek, interested in Technology. Proud father of two

31 Dec 2016

Looking back at 2016

Starting 2016 at Emergency Care was a game changer for me.

On a personal level I have successfully changed my diet and lost 45kg (BMI went from 50 to 35), completed Start2Run (0-5km/30min) and Continue2Run (5-10km/60min). Looking forward to loosing more weight and getting a BMI < 30 again. Finishing a 1/2 marathon would be awesome too. Had plenty of quality family time as well!

On a professional level I have changed focus from Enterprise Apps/.NET to Data intensive (Big Data, Augmented/Business Intelligence and a bit of Machine learning) mainly using Scala. Had some serious fun bringing a Kafka cluster in place as the central messaging interface in an industrial setting (24/7) continuously pushing > 1 million messages/sec. Became familiar with Docker and looking forward to see it replace Java Application Servers.