I got an e-mail that asked me how to get started with CVS as quick as possible. The first time i got lost too. So i’ll give a quick summary how i did it (no p-server).

The repository will live on a debian machine in /home/users/timvw/services/cvs.

timvw@debian: apt-get install cvs # get the tools
timvw@debian: cvs -d /home/users/timvw/services/cvs init # create repository

On my windows machine i use TortoiseCVS. I want to make a module pecl that will contain all my pecl related code.

  1. Configure TortoiseCVS to use the SSH.com client instead of the built-in Putty.


  1. Fill in the path to the SSH binary (tools tab).


  1. Create a directory that will hold the code (i choose pecl as name).

new directory

  1. Create a module (Choose the directory you created and click right).

new module

  1. Fill in the settings.

module settings

  1. Hit Ok to initialise the module.

module init

  1. Create a README file and add it to the module.

add file to module

add file to module

  1. Add a comment message

add comment

  1. Commit the changes


  1. Update your files (Other people have commited their changes).


  1. Read The Fine Manual at http://cvsbook.red-bean.com/cvsbook.html