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04 May 2005

Exploring the FTP functions

I am still drowning in the work, and exams are coming close too, but i decided to blog something about the FTP functions in PHP. The script will download all the files that are available on the remote server.

// make sure we have time enough to execute this script

// connect to the ftp server
$ftp = ftp_connect('ftp.scarlet.be');
ftp_login($ftp, 'anonymous', 'password');

// get the files that are available here
$local = glob('*.\*');

// get the files that are available there
$remote = ftp_nlist($ftp, '.');

// get the files there that are not availble here
foreach($remote as $file)
  if (!in_array($file, $local))  
    // we do not have the file, thus download it  
    ftp_get($ftp, $file, $file, FTP_BINARY);  

// close the connection