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18 Oct 2005

a little hint for writing and testing a script

I noticed that most people think Vim sucks and they constantly perform the following keystrokes

perl somefile.pl 
vim somefile.pl

Here is the first trick, you do not need to exit vim to perform a command. Simply type the following while you are in vim

:!perl somefile.pl

Offcourse, you do not want to type the filename all the time, so you use the following

:!perl %

Now, if you are using a different scripting language it might be more portable to make the file executable (chmod u+x) and make sure the Shebang points to the right interpreter. Your script would be something like the following then

#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;
use warnings;
use Socket;

Now all you have to do is type the following in vim and your script will be executed


I noticed that the :!% trick does not work when your script is in your current working directory. This is how you can make it work


I also noticed that before you execute this command you always need to type :w to save the changes. To automate this i have added the following to my ~/.vimrc file

map ,r :w<cr>:!./%</cr><cr> 

Now all i have to type is the following


For other tricks and hints you have to check out Vi-IMproved.org.