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03 Feb 2006

Multiple joins explained

I’ll try to explain how a join on more than one table works. I’ve noticed people get confused by it. Assume we have the following tables

  • newsitems(news_id,post_id)
  • postitems(post_id,user_id,content)
  • users(user_id,name,password)

We want to display for each newsitem the content and the author.

Our base table would be the newsitems, and then we join using the item_id. Thus the query would be

FROM newsitems
INNER JOIN ON postitems USING (post_id)

This returns a “virtual table” that has looks like this result(news_id,post_id,user_id,content).

Now we still need to get the username, so we use our result table and perform a join on the users table. Thus the query would be

FROM result
INNER JOIN users USING (user_id)

If we combine our first two queries, we end up with this

FROM newsitems
INNER JOIN postitems USING (post_id)
INNER JOIN users USING (user_id)

Conclusion: Look at ABC as (A*B)*C to easily understand multiple joins