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15 Apr 2006

Building apache-win32 with Visual Studio 2005

Today i decided to build apache-win32. Here’s how i did it:

  • Download Apache httpd-2.2.0-win32-src-rev2.zip.
  • Unzip and read README.TXT, INSTALL.TXT and docs/manual/platform/win_compiling.html.en
  • Save awk95.exe as awk.exe in a directory that’s in your %PATH%.
  • Open Apache.dsw with VS2005 and choose “Yes To All” to convert the project.
  • Uncheck abs, mod_deflate and mod_ssl in the the configuration form via Build -> Configuration Manager.
  • Choose InstallBin, click right and Set as StartUp Project.
  • Open InstallBin/Makefile.win and remove the lines 129, 130, 131, 133, 134, 135 and 136.
  • Start debugging (F5). Stop debugging and end the httpd.exe process via your Task Manager.
  • Download and extract zlib-1.2.3.tar.bz2 into srclib/zlib.
  • Prepend “dword ptr” to the second argument of the movd instructions on lines647, 649, 663 and 720 in srclib/zlib/contrib/masmx86/inffas32.asm
  • Open srclib/zlib/projects/visualc6/zlib.dsp, choose the zlib project in the solution explorer. Choose “LIB ASM Release” in the configuration explorer and build zlib.
  • Copy srclib/zlib/projects/visualc6/Win32_LIB_ASM_Release/zlib.lib to srclib/zlib.
  • Check the mod_deflate in the configuration form via Build -> Configuration Manager.
  • Choose the mod_deflate project in the solution explorer and build it.
  • The original openssl-0.9.8a.tar.gz doesn’t compile with Visual Studio 2005 but someone has already made a patch. Download openssl-0.9.8a-vc2005.zip and extract it into srclib/openssl.
  • Open a Visual Studio 2005 Command Prompt and cd to the openssl directory and run: “perl Configure VC-WIN32” (don’t close this prompt yet).
  • Insert before line 61 in srclib/openssl/ms/do_masm.bat the following line: “perl util\mk1mf.pl debug dll VC-WIN32 > ms\ntdll-dbg.mak”. Now run: “ms\do_masm” and “nmake -f ms\ntdll-dbg.mak”.
  • Check the abs and mod_ssl project in the configuration from via Build -> Configuration Manager.
  • Build the two projects.
  • Done!