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23 Jan 2010

About forced design

if you need typemock your design is wrong.

Although i understand what people are trying to say with that quote, it’s wrong on many levels. I pretty much agree with everything that Roy wrote in Test driven design – Willed vs. Forced Designs. As some commenters pointed out it is hard to convince management that they need an isolation framework, let alone that they have to pay for one.

A couple of thoughts:

  • What about Pex Stubs & Moles? It uses the profiling API (less limitations than rhino/moq/…) too and for a lot of shops doing .Net development it’s free.
  • I really don’t understand people that are unwilling to pay for tools that can contribute to the generation of business value (eg: Resharper, NCover, NDepend, …) when they don’t come from Microsoft.
  • Filling up gaps in the .Net/Microsoft space seems like an awful business model.