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25 Aug 2010

Making the TemplateFileTask easier to use...

One of the disadvantages of the TemplateFile task (msbuildtasks) is the fact that it requires a lot of typing to define template values

<ItemGroup Condition= " '$(ConfigurationEnvironment)'=='build' ">
	<Tokens Include="a">
	<Tokens Include="b">

Here is a format proposition to make this a lot more finger friendly

	<variables env="build">
		<x name="a">localhost</x>
		<x name="b><mynode/></x>

Here is the msbuild script we need to achieve that


<!-- Retreive all template values for the specific environment -->
<XmlQuery XmlFileName="$(ConfigurationFile)" XPath = "//variables[@env='$(ConfigurationEnvironment)']/*">
	<Output TaskParameter="Values" ItemName="Values" />

<-- Construct @Tokens -->
	<Tokens Include="%(Values.name)">

<!-- Generate the configuration files -->
<Message Text="Available variables:" />
<Message Text="====================" />
<Message Text="%(Tokens.Identity): %(Tokens.ReplacementValue)" />

Happy coding!