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07 Nov 2010

Build your solution with Visual Studio from MSBuild

Unfortunately MSBuild and BIDS Helper are not able to build an .asdatabase from our Analysis Services project (.dwproj). Here is a task which invokes Visual Studio to build such a solution:

<Target Name="DevEnvBuild">
	<Error Condition="'$(SolutionFile)'=="" Text="Missing SolutionFile" />
		<DevEnvTool Condition="'$(DevEnvTool)'=="">C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe</DevEnvTool>
		<DevEnvSwitch Condition="'$(DevEnvSwitch)'=="">Build</DevEnvSwitch>
		<DevEnvBuildCommand>"$(DevEnvTool)" "$(SolutionFile)" /$(DevEnvSwitch)</DevEnvBuildCommand>
	<Exec Command="$(DevEnvBuildCommand)" />