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09 May 2011

How to handle (short) bursts of work

Here is a summary of how businesses around me handle short bursts of work:

  • When i go to the doctor:

    • find an empty seat in the waiting room
    • observe who’s before me
    • wait untill all those people have been seen by the doctor
  • When i go to the supermarket:

    • join the queue at the end
    • wait untill al before me have been helped
  • When i go the the bakery:

    • get a number from a ticketing machine at the entrance
    • wait untill a seller indicates he’s willing to process my requests
  • When i go to my car dealer:

  • hand over car keys

  • give my mobile phone number

  • relax in the loung untill they come find me (or send me an sms)