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01 Aug 2011


I think this entry has been in the pipeline for a couple of years now and today i have decided to finally post it 😉 I got frustrated with the annoying out parameter in TryGet methods so i decided to use a different signature using TryGetResult:

public class TryGetResult<T> 
  public TryGetResult()   
    Success = false;  

  public TryGetResult(T result)  
    Success = true; 
    Result = result;  

  public bool Success { get; private set; }

  public T Result { get; private set; }

And now your TryGet methods can have the following signature:

public TryGetResult<Person> TryGetPersonByName(string name) 
  // person is not available  
  if(name.IsInvalidPersonName()) return new TryGetResult();

  // return the person
  return new TryGetResult(new Person(name));