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17 Aug 2009

About the implementation of a fluent interface

Now that i have defined my API for initialization it is time to implement it. Inspired by the Moq.Language and Moq.Language.Flow namespaces in Moq i have decided to define my interfaces in a separate namespace: Infrastructure.StateMachineLanguage.

Ever since i have read Clean code i feel the need to write classes that do one thing (and one thing only) so i came up with the following classes

  • something to store commands per state, CommandsForState
  • something to store actions per command, ActionsForCommand

For the implementation of the IChooseCommandAndAction interface i have decided to create a class that falls back on my classes that handle IChooseCommand and IChooseAction already

public class CommandAndActionForState<tstate, TCommand> : IChooseCommandAndAction<tstate, TCommand>
	private readonly CommandsForState<tstate, TCommand> commandsForState;
	private readonly ActionsForCommand<tstate, TCommand> actionsForCommand;

	public CommandAndActionForState(CommandsForState<tstate, TCommand> commands, ActionsForCommand<tstate, TCommand> actions)
		commandsForState = commands;
		actionsForCommand = actions;

	public IChooseAction<tstate, TCommand> On(TCommand command)
		return commandsForState.On(command);

	public IChooseCommandAndAction<tstate, TCommand> Do(Action action)
		return actionsForCommand.Do(action);

screenshot of files in statemachine solution.

As you can see, complex problems can have simple solutions. Feel free to download the complete solution: StateMachine.zip.