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19 Oct 2009

True KeyBehavior with System.Windows.Interactivity.Behavior

Yesterday i demonstrated how attached properties can be used to invoke commands on specific key presses (and releases). With the aid of System.Windows.Interactivity.Behavior we can implement a true behavior and we get an extension point to do the required cleanup.

screenshot of Blend managing a KeyBehavior

				<inf:KeyCommandName Key="Right" CommandName="PlayerRight" />
				<inf:KeyCommandName Key="Left" CommandName="PlayerLeft" />
				<inf:KeyCommandName Key="Up" CommandName="PlayerUp" />
				<inf:KeyCommandName Key="Down" CommandName="PlayerDown" />

The behavior implementation is the same as yesterday, only this time we thankfully override the OnAttached and OnDetaching methods

public class KeyBehavior : Behavior<frameworkElement>
	public List<keyCommandName> DownKeyCommands { get; set; }
	public List<keyCommandName> UpKeyCommands { get; set; }

	public KeyBehavior()
	: base()
		DownKeyCommands = new List<keyCommandName>();
		UpKeyCommands = new List<keyCommandName>();

	protected override void OnAttached()

	protected override void OnDetaching()

	void SubscribeToKeyEvents()
		AssociatedObject.KeyDown += AssociatedObject_KeyDown;
		AssociatedObject.KeyUp += AssociatedObject_KeyUp;

	void UnsubscribeFromKeyEvents()
		AssociatedObject.KeyDown -= AssociatedObject_KeyDown;
		AssociatedObject.KeyUp -= AssociatedObject_KeyUp;