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08 Jan 2010

Creating graphs with the Silverlight Toolkit

As i wrote already: In a chart the elements on the X-axis are usually numbers or dates, and the elements on the Y-axis are usually doubles. We can define such a combination as following

public class Point<T>
	public T X { get; set; }
	public double Y { get; set; }

Here is a little helper function for creating line series that are used by the Silverlight Toolkit:

public LineSeries Create<T>(string title, Series<T> series, Func<t, double> f) where T : IComparable<T>
	var points = series.Select(x => new Point<T> { X = x, Y = f(x) });

	var lineSeries = new LineSeries
		Title = title,
		ItemsSource = points,
		IndependentValuePath = "X",
		DependentValuePath = "Y"

	return lineSeries;

Given all this infrastructure we can easily draw the graph of a function:

public MainPage()

	var series = 0.To(100);

	Func<int, double> multiplyByTwo = x => 2 * x;
	Chart1.Series.Add(Create("2x", series, multiplyByTwo));

	Func<int, double> multiplyByThree = x => 3 * x;
	Chart1.Series.Add(Create("x/2", series, multiplyByThree));

Here is how the result looks like (too much data on the chart)

screenshot of chart in silverlight toolkit