Tim Van Wassenhove

Passionate geek, interested in Technology. Proud father of two

31 Dec 2016

Looking back at 2016

Starting 2016 at Emergency Care was a game changer for me. On a personal level I have successfully changed my diet and l...
20 Nov 2016

Parsing lines from Spark RDD

A typical Apache Spark application using RDD api starts as following: val lines = sc.textFile("/path/to/data") v...
04 Oct 2016

Blog migrated to Jekyll

As many other people I have decided to leave Wordpress behind and move to Jekyll instead. Most posts have been migrated ...
01 Oct 2016

Docker toolbox to the rescue

With the help of Docker Toolbox a lot of apps become easily available… By default volumes can only be mapped on f...
29 Jan 2016

About maven dependency type 'bundle'

Earlier this week my build failed because maven was not able to resolve an (indirect) dependency on some package. It too...
29 Jan 2016

Composing functions and leveraging scala.util.Try

Last couple of days I have been hacking around trying to find a cute way to express the intent of my code. Typically it ...
14 Jan 2016

Using Gson to serialize Scala objects

gson is a pretty nice library that converts Java objects into JSON and back. When using this library from Scala things b...
27 Aug 2015

Notes on running spark-notebook

These days Docker makes it extremely easy to get started with virtually any application you like. At first I was a bit s...
19 Aug 2015

Scaffolding scala projects

These days the cool kids scaffold their projects with Yeoman. Obviously I could not stay behind, so here is my first generator for scala.
20 Feb 2015

ConcurrencyCheck with EF/Devart on Oracle

Earlier this week I was wondering how I could easily achieve optimistic concurrency in a system using EF/Devart targetti...