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27 Sep 2014

Failure to load mono-supplied .dylib (libgdiplus.dylib) when running from console

So earlier this week I was bit by the following bug: Bug 22140 – Failure to load mono-supplied .dylib when running...
15 Aug 2014

Deploying a Cloud Service to Azure with Octopus

Currently Octopus has limited support to deploy a Cloud Service on Azure. A typical use-case is that you need a differen...
28 Jul 2014

Cute sort implementation

For years I had been implementing my sort functions as following: (x,y) => { if (x.PartName == null && y.Part...
23 Apr 2014

Clone all your repositories on another machine

Recently I was configuring a new machine (God, i love Chocolatey) and I wanted to take all the repositories I have under...
30 Jan 2014

A parameterized active pattern to match the first elements of an array

Been writing code in F# for almost a year and never blogged about it. Time to change that. Earlier today someone asked t...
23 Jan 2014

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27 Apr 2013

The curious case of trailing spaces in SQL

A while ago I was quite surprised to see that the following query returns 1 instead of 0: SELECT COUNT(*) WHERE N'Ti...
18 Oct 2012

Sample query to demonstrate influence of collation in Sql Server

Lately I had the pleasure to investigate collations and here is a sample query that demonstrates how a collation impacts...
22 Sep 2012

Copy all mp3 files in Music folder to USB dribe

Copying all mp3 files from my Music folder to a USB drive is pretty easy on my Macbook: find Music -name *.mp3 -exec cp {} /Volumes/SANDISK \;
06 Aug 2012

Using eID on OS X Mountain Lion

Last week or so I got myself a MacBook Air and I am really loving it so far. Today I needed to use my eID so I installed...